Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gotta Love Spray Paint!!!!

For the first ten+ years of our marriage we have had a forest green color in the kitchen. I have wanted to change it for a really long time, but lets face it, it's an expensive things to do! Well, when we loved here I finally broke down and went to Target and had some fun! I switched over to a burgundy color, which I LOVE!!!! However, I have this calendar that hangs on my fridge that I also love, BUT it's green!
I turned a blind eye to it for a while because they no longer make these and I couldn't find anywhere that sells them, so I didn't worry to much about it. Then I got to thinking about painting it! It's amazing what you can do with spray paint these days and how much better the spraying nozzles are!!!! I love Krylon for their sprayers. When I did a party for my daughter, I went and got a bunch of Burger King crowns and then spray painted them Gold, so they could be decorated. It was an awesome idea, but my hand/finger hurt so bad afterward. It was painful! I haven't had that problem since using Krylon paint. OK, enough of that!
Here is my plastic calendar holder and my Krylon Fusion (for plastic) Burgundy Paint.

First thing I did was carefully pry up the existing white board and cork board.
Then I started painting it.
I had to do a few coats to make sure that I got all the nooks and crannys. Then I glued the white board and cork board back on and put it back on the fridge. I love it, minus the hideous black marker that my kids put all over the cork board, but that is easily covered up with one of the many notes that will be hung on there! Here she's soooo much better!
I figured while I was at it, I might as well paint my stove top covers as well. They had pictures of fall foliage on them, I know it's JULY, sad! And I also know that new ones aren't very expensive, but I figured that I had them already and I had the paint, might as well have more fun! (Have I mentioned how much I love painting, it's a sickness really!) Anyways, here they are. If my kitchen was cleaner I would take a full shot to show how it all goes together, but it's not so, oh well!

I'm linking up to the CSI Project! Go check them out. I love this web site!



Brandi said...

Krylon Fusion is my best friend. It works really well on metal, too (it's what I used on my headboard and it worked way better than the rustoleum hammered metal paints I used on the light fixtures).

Anyway, for your cork board--cover it in fabric (scrapbook paper would show all the holes but fabric will not). I have eleventy million pieces of fabric, half of which contain burgundy. Come over and take some!

Oh, and while we're talking about paint and dry erase boards--did you know that they now sell dry erase paint??? You can make anything into a dry erase board! I saw it when I was getting the magnetic paint and chalk board paint. I almost decided to use it instead of chalkboard paint, but since I'd never seen it action I was afraid it wouldn't work right and I'd ruin the wall.

Stephanie said...

I did not know that they had dry erase paint! See what I mean. It is AMAZING what they have now!
I did think about using material, but I had nothing that would work. I will have to come and look at yours! Thanks!

Clair said...

Looks awesome! AS for the marker-- I would simply tack up a little quote or something over it! (I know, not the suggestion you were looking for.) Reading about your spray painting I thought you might like to read Becky Higgin's blog-- she did a whole thing on spray painting recently. Maybe it would be too basic for you as it is obvious you already have the mad skillz. But maybe you'll like it... She started with this... and kept going for a week or so.

Sandy said...

Hey - that looks great! As for your cork board...I agree with the above that fabric is probably your best best, BUT, I have covered several corkboards with scrapbook paper - you can just gluestick them on - because it was the pattern I wanted and very easy to peel up and stick something else done when I get sick of it! I don't think you'd want to use modgepodge on the fabric, though - it would harden it too much and you'd probably see holes through it. You'd want something that would keep the top layer flexible...

Josh said...

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