Monday, March 8, 2010

The Red Side Table

I got this beauty from the Thrift store here on post. I looked at it for a really long time, trying to envision what I would do with it. The wood color it had was a really nice color, but it cried out for a little more flare, so this is what I did.

I sprayed it with Krylon gray primer, which allows you to paint right over the existing wood finish without having to sand it all down. Yeah!!!

Then I sprayed it will Krylons Red Cherry color.

I still wanted to do a little more, so I tried distressing it and then glazing it...yea, let's just say it did NOT work. SOOOOO I painted it AGAIN! Except this time I painted it a Burgundy color. I loved it, but I still wanted to try glazing something, so I did. I'm still not sure if I did alright. In some lights (flashes of the camera) I can see plenty of spots that don't look right, but then in others it looks great! Let me know what you think!

I'm linking up the the CSI project!


Up and coming projects

So here are some of my projects that I am working on.

I got this matching chest and dresser for the girls...hopefully. You see, Elizabeth has a beautiful dresser that is in need of some TLC,
but it's kind of small and doesn't match Karlee's IKEA dresser. So I'm hoping after I finish these and fall in love with them then I won't feel so bad about moving out the other ones.

Oh yeah, and here is my inspiration for the above dressers, except in a light purple color. (I do LOVE the green though!)

Now onto the next one. I got this one because I love the detailing in the front, especially on the drawers.

I love the details of the middle part and how it opens. I know crazy me!There is a little damage though. It won't be hard to fix, it will just involve a lot of sanding. Yeah for my new sander that I got for Xmas!
Make sure to check back for the finished products.

Lookey What I Found!!!

I got this awesome three piece bedroom set on FCYS (Fort Campbell Yard Sales) for a whopping $10. That's right $10. It's solid wood, and all the hardware is there and all the drawers are in wonderful condition. However, there is some cosmetic damage, but for $10 I am willing to try my best to fix it. So here they are in all their much-needed-TLC-glory!

Bedside table

This damage to the dresser was charitably bestowed upon it by the movers. Nice huh! That will be my trickiest fix.

The damage here to the bottom (of each side) of the bedside table was cause by their puppy. Apparently it was the dogs favorite chew toy.

So I'm really, really excited to get started on these. Check back for the finished product.