Monday, March 8, 2010

Up and coming projects

So here are some of my projects that I am working on.

I got this matching chest and dresser for the girls...hopefully. You see, Elizabeth has a beautiful dresser that is in need of some TLC,
but it's kind of small and doesn't match Karlee's IKEA dresser. So I'm hoping after I finish these and fall in love with them then I won't feel so bad about moving out the other ones.

Oh yeah, and here is my inspiration for the above dressers, except in a light purple color. (I do LOVE the green though!)

Now onto the next one. I got this one because I love the detailing in the front, especially on the drawers.

I love the details of the middle part and how it opens. I know crazy me!There is a little damage though. It won't be hard to fix, it will just involve a lot of sanding. Yeah for my new sander that I got for Xmas!
Make sure to check back for the finished products.

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