Monday, March 8, 2010

Lookey What I Found!!!

I got this awesome three piece bedroom set on FCYS (Fort Campbell Yard Sales) for a whopping $10. That's right $10. It's solid wood, and all the hardware is there and all the drawers are in wonderful condition. However, there is some cosmetic damage, but for $10 I am willing to try my best to fix it. So here they are in all their much-needed-TLC-glory!

Bedside table

This damage to the dresser was charitably bestowed upon it by the movers. Nice huh! That will be my trickiest fix.

The damage here to the bottom (of each side) of the bedside table was cause by their puppy. Apparently it was the dogs favorite chew toy.

So I'm really, really excited to get started on these. Check back for the finished product.

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