Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Refinished Dressers

They are finally done! Hurray! There were a lot of little set backs and a couple big set backs that made the process take even longer, but today we moved them up into the girls room! But enough of this, let's just get to the good stuff...the before and after pictures with a whole lot of the process in between!

I didn't get a great before picture. They were in the garage but the drawers were all over the place. Some needed to be fixed and the rest were just out because that is where I put them and that is where they stayed until I was ready for them. I'm sure you understand!

Next was sanding:
The next was the priming:
Then came the paint:
Then came the first set back. If you look back in the priming pictures and the before pictures, you will notice that the the hardware on the drawers is a little dated, to say the least. It looked horrible with the purple, so I tried painting them silver. That looked better but it still gave it that dated "old" look. Off I went to find the right hardware. Little did I know that the holes that were drilled were a not-so-average size, which made it REALLY difficult to find a replacement. I did find one that I liked but to get all the hardware I would need would cost around $75!!!! Yeah NO thanks! So I moved onto the next best thing. Fill in one of the holes and find a knob. So I had to fill in the holes, let them dry, then sand over my paint job to make it look good.

So the next step was ANOTHER paint job:
It took me A LONG time to find the knobs I wanted...or I should say, the knobs I wanted at the right price! After much looking, I finally found a web site that sold them at the right price, so I ordered them, and the next step was painting them:

You can also see my "oops" paint that I bought at Lowe's for $5, AND my awesome device to paint my knobs. I totally stole the idea for the cabinet website where I ordered the knobs! ;-)

The next thing I did was take some wallpaper that I picked up at a second hand store for $1 a roll, and cut it to the size of the drawer and use it as a liner. After I did that though, I realized that the bottom inside of the drawer looked pretty now but not the sides. You can see from the before and the priming pictures that the sides of the drawers were pretty sad, so I painted them. I'm really glad I did because I LOVE the finished product!
It may look like the color is different, but it's just the lighting.

My last problem was the fact that the screws that came with the knobs were just a little too short. I finally found the right size at our local Walmart of all the places. However, they only had one bag and after searching at Lowe's, Home Depot and other Walmart's I just had to wait until they got them back in, which FINALLY they did yesterday ! So after a few touch ups and the right screws I finally got them all put back together.

Without further ado, here are the finished products!

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Tina said...

OH my gosh Stephaine, YOu can not even tell they are the same dresser.
Wow!!! That is amazing. I love them.. It's funny in some pictures they look pink. Is it just me? or do others see it???? Good Job!!!

So what is your next project. Can't wait to hear..

What a fun new talent you have.

Stephanie said...

Yes, depending on the lighting they look pink, or a darker purple, or a light purple. Gotta love lighting. Wish I was better at photography to make it more consistent!

Max & Amanda said...

What did you fill the holes in with? I have been wanting to redo our dresser but can't find hardware that is the proper size!

Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

your dressers look amazing, so much painting! but so much worth it!
I also like the lined drawers, it look so fancy!
thanks for visiting

Stephanie said...

Amanda- I used a wood filler made by minwax. It's called stainable wood filler. So far it has worked great. It sands down nicely and paints over easily. I have a project that I will be trying out the stainability (OK not really a word, but oh well), but so far so good!

Here is a link to it at Amazon, but I just got mine at Homedepot, or Lowes or Walmart...I lose track!